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About Bloom

Bloom is a direct to consumer, instant health tracker. With Bloom, you can instantly track up to 15 health metrics from home in your fuzzy bathrobe. Then receive personalized recommendations from MDs and Nutritionists to help you feel amazing. Our goal is for everyone to have a lab in their hand in the next 10 years.

How we pay it forward

Vitamin Angels

Through our partnership with Vitamin Angels, for every test card bought, we donate a month's worth of Vitamin A and deworming shots to a child in need.

About the Team

There’s currently 15 full-time, and up to 30 part time workers / advisors spread out across the world.

All team members are “A players”, with a love and passion for living a longer, healthier life with the ones they love.

People who work at Bloom are hard workers who like to rally together around tough challenges. This will not be an easy job, but it may be the most fulfilling one you ever had.

About the Culture

Our Core Values

This is how we behave, prioritize and make decisions

Health Over
We’re doing this for the vitality
and longevity of the ones we love
through the implementation of
transparent and impeccable science
- which we value over the creation
of wealth.
We Are
We are in constant pursuit of
performing at our best
- morally, mentally, physically.
We Ship
F'n Epic
We never settle for good enough,
if we don’t fall in love with it, we
don’t ship it. It’s better to be
exceptional and late than good
enough and on time.
We Got You
We make honorable agreements to
each other and our customers with
the help of structures and processes.
Even though we are a mostly virtual team here, the culture is alive and well. We look at ourselves as a professional team, always striving to perform our best and make eachother better. We treat each other like adults here. The health tech space is fast pace, highly competitive, and always changing. To keep up, our team mates need to have a high level of accountability, responsibility, and freedom. We take our honorable agreements seriously.

Since we are mostly virtual, we do not have to worry about commutes or being in an office for a certain amount of time. As long as you get your work done, you have a lot of flexibility on your work hours. Our team typically works 40-50+ hours a week. Overall our culture is radically open,fast paced, fun, supportive and pushes people to grow as performers and leaders.

Here is a video of our product